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123 movies is a website that allows users to stream and download movies and TV shows for free.123 movies is one of the best movie sites that i have ever seen in my life and i am sure you are a movie lover that way you are here and you what to explore some alternate of 123 movies and also want to know about the site 123 movies than you are right place here you will get some new alternate site like 123 movies that you really like and watch the latest free movies in 2024. 

Because 123 movies hosts stolen content without the necessary licensing or authorization, it is neither safe nor legal. Depending on their local laws and regulations, those who obtain 123 movies may be subject to fines or legal ramifications.

How to access 123 movies safely? 

Because 123 Movies cannot be found on the official Google Play store and must be downloaded via third-party sources that can be infected with malware or viruses, there are additional security and privacy concerns associated with using this app. Additionally, 123 Movies streams content via torrents, which makes users’ IP addresses and online activity visible to other users and possible hackers. Therefore, when using 123 Movies or any other software of a similar nature, it is highly recommended that you utilize a VPN service to safeguard your device and data.

How can I watch movies and TV shows legally online?

123 Movies is not a legal website and if you want to watch movies legally then here are some basic ways to watch.

Subscription-based streaming services:

These are websites that demand a monthly or yearly payment in exchange for unrestricted access to their collection of content. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO Max are a few instances. They provide unique and exclusive content in addition to a wide range of genres, languages, and high-quality selections. They might not, however, have some regional titles or the newest releases.

Pay-per-view or rental services:

These are the platforms where you may purchase single titles or content packages that you can view for a set amount of time. Fandango Now, Vudu, YouTube, and Google Play Movies are a few examples. They have a large assortment of films and TV series, both recent releases and classics. But over time, they can end up costing more than subscription services.

 Free and ad-supported streaming services: 

These are websites that offer free movie and TV show streaming, but with advertisements. Pluto TV, Tubi, Crackle, and Peacock are a few instances. A respectable selection of content is available, primarily older or less well-known titles. They might, however, be less reliable, harder to get, or obtrusive with their advertisements.

Origin of 123 movies:

123 movies started off in Vietnam, where it was introduced in 2015 or 2016, using the URL and moniker 123movies. Later on, it switched to a number of different domain names, including 123movies.is, gomovies.to, gostream.is, and 123movieshd , before the Vietnamese government shut it down in 2018. Even in 2024, there are still operational websites that mimic the brand, but they are not connected to the original one.

How to watch movie on showbox:

Because Showbox is not available on official app stores, you will need to download and install the app from a third-party source before you can watch movies on it. After that, you can open the app and peruse its vast library of films and TV series. You can start streaming a movie on your device by choosing your preferred movie and tapping the play button. For subsequent offline viewing, the movie is also available for download.

How to Download movie from 123 movies :

Since downloading movies from 123 Movies entails streaming pirated content without the required authorization or licensing, it is neither safe nor lawful. So before downloading make sure that 123 Movies is legal to use in your country.now you have to clear so it is good to download movies from 123 Movies so you can see them in your free time. To download movies from 123 Movies just flow through the simple steps given below.

  1. Step 1: Enter the website of 123 movies, and find the movie you want to download.
  2. Step 2: Copy the movie’s URL from the address bar of your browser.
  3. Step 3:  Paste the URL into the search box on the top of 9XBUDDY’s home page, and click the Download icon.
  4. Step 4: Wait for 9XBUDDY to analyze the URL and fetch the available video formats and qualities.
  5. Step 5: Choose the format and quality you prefer, and click the Download icon next to it.

Or You can access the download section of the browser in shortcut “ ctrl + J ”and there you will see the download process has started.

Alternate of 123 movies web:

There are many similar movie websites like showbox that allow you to watch and streaming free online movies and 10 famous lists of the various sites here. We will let you know some site names that are given below.

  1. look movie :  https://lookmovieag.to/
  2. yo movie:     https://yomovies.fit/
  3. 123 movies:  https://ww3.123movies.com.pk/
  4. movie orca:    https://www2.movieorca.com/
  5. go movies:    https://gomovies.delivery/
  6. amc movies:  https://www.amctheatres.com/movies
  7. pixar movies:  https://www.pixar.com/feature-films-launch
  8. movies joy:    https://moviesjoy2.com/
  9. movies 7 N:   https://movies7.to/movie
  10. hi movies:      https://himovies.sx/

We all are clear about your doubts like what are 123 movies ,is it free or not , how to watch movies and most importantly how to download free movies from here.So now let’s discuss some frequently asked questions related to 123 movies to clear your doubt more clearly.

Some Common FAQs:

IS 123 movies Free?

Yes 123 movies is a free website that allows you to watch movies online free with different  and popular genres ,series and shows with high quality video.

Can I download movies from  123 movies?

Yes there are features given to download any movies you like for your future reference so go ahead and download only if it is legal in your country .

Is 123 movies legal?

No, 123 movies is not legal in most countries, as it hosts pirated content without proper licensing or permission. Users who access 123 movies may face legal issues or penalties, depending on their local laws and regulations

Is 123 movies safe? 

No, 123 Movies is not secure since it puts consumers’ privacy and security at risk. The website must be downloaded by users via unaffiliated sources, which can be infected with malware or viruses. When utilizing torrents to stream content, users also expose their IP addresses and online activities to other peers and possible hackers. Therefore, when using 123 Movies or any other software of a similar nature, it is highly recommended that you utilize a VPN service to safeguard your device and data.

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