Universal Travel Adapter – Best World Travel Plug

If you travel a lot, you’ll know what a pain it is rummaging through your adapters trying to find the right one for the next country. That’s why the  OREI M8 All-In-One International World travel plug and adapter work great. It’s got everything you need in one compact plug. This one is more durable than the rest so you won’t have to worry about replacing it after a few trips. Buy it on Amazon

PowerCore Lite 20000 Power Bank – Best Portable Charger

Have you ever made a point of going into a coffee shop just to find the charger for your smartphone? If you get yourself an external battery power bank you won’t have to worry about missing calls or updating your Social media ever again. With two USB ports, you can charge two devices at once. This power bank even charges iPads, GoPros and Cameras. Check it out on Amazon

The Belkin Mini Surge Protector – Best For Electronics

The Belkin Mini Surge Protector is one of our favorite travel accessories out there and not only protects your electronics from power surges, it charges several things at once with 3 outlets and 2 USB ports. This is the best charger for travel as it is compact we can power up everything at once. Buy it now on Amazon

Tarriss Portable Luggage Scale – Best Luggage Scale

We always try and pack as light as we can, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hit with some baggage overages before. Since we started using the Tarriss Portable Luggage Scale, we haven’t had that problem. It is small, light and affordable so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Travel Gadgets to keep You Organized

It used to be that we’d just throw and go, but now we can organize our clothes and save space at the same time. These Eagle Creek Packing Cubes come in different sizes and they also compress. They are made of lightweight durable material and trust me when I say once you have used these you will never go back to packing the old way again. Get them here on Amazon.com

PacSafe RFID Travel Organizer – Best Document Organizer

Pacsafe Travel Organizer – This travel organizer holds all of our travel documents and credit cards in this high-quality oversized wallet. It has RFID blocking technology to keep cybercriminals away from your important information. It easily holds all my credit cards and travel rewards cards and turns into a clutch handbag for nights out too. Buy it on Amazon

aLOKSAK Storage Bags – Best Electronics Protector

We always pack dry bags when traveling to take with us on a day of adventure, but these are a good addition for extra storage. These great resealable bags are perfect for putting our cell phones and a cool bonus is that touch screens work through the aLOKSAK bag. Buy it on Amazon

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