Block youtube ads : Your ultimate solution

It has been very frustrating since you tue started showing ads without our permission and sometimes this ad is even longer than what we are going to see so at that time you feel frustrated and after request from god ,oh god do something for us! Now god heard your request and here we will give a solution to block youtube ads.

To block youtube ads you can download a free ads blocker, by using this you can actually achieve what you want ,but again there might be a problems for you to choose which ad blocker you should choose to get best result well there are multiple ad blocker now available for used to block youtube ads and some of them really working very well but some are not up to mark so that you should first recharge about while ad blocker you should prefer to used .

 There are also some ad blocker that charge a minimal charge so if you can bear that charge then you should go with that because that ad blocker will give you a better experience. 

In this article we will suggest some of the free ad blocker that you can go through but before let’s discuss about an ad blocker.

Why You Should block youtube ads

There are many reason that to block youtube ads the first one is it is very Annoying  some time it is very important that you want to see a video and at that time an ad comes on your video and another reason is ,the ad showing on youtube that are related to your interest and it is sometime dangerous because it happened with every one that when someone insist you to do something again and aging at that time you admit that it is a best option for you and you do that work as same way if a youtube block showing you a ad aging and again at some point of time you admit it and you purchase that product that initially you don’t want to purchase.

One of the most famous reason why you should used a ad blocker is to block ads while while streaming a free website, there are many website that allow you to watch free movie on the there web site and the movie quality also are very high but on reasons that every user encounter a problems about ads while accessing a movie. For that reason if you used a ad blocker like ublock origin it will help you to let you watch movie free without any disturbance

If you want some of the websites that will allow you to watch the latest free movie  then you should check these given websites.

  • 123 movies
  • look movie
  • showbox movies
  • hi movies

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block youtube ads 

There are many ad blocker for different features people use  and here we will go through some of the popular ad blocker.

  • uBlock Origin : is best if you want to block every block in your browser 
  • Adblocker for YouTube: best to block youtube ads
  • Adblock for YouTube : best to block youtube ads
  • Privacy Badger : Not all advertisements are blocked by Privacy Badger. It does, however, prevent trackers. It is good to block a package of ads.
  • Ghostery : it is an ad blocker used by many professional.
  • Adblock Plus : It is one of the oldest ad blocker and still it is famous because of its performance.
  • AdLock : it is a premium subscription but it provides a good experience.

If you still have dobby that which ad blocker you should use ,we recommend ublock origin is one of the best ad blocker that i personally used it actually help you to block all unnecessary ad that you don’t want to see again even it help you to make a safe searching on google. And if you want an ad blocker especially to block youtube ads then you should prefer any one of the ad blocker for youtube.

  • Adblocker for YouTube: 
  • Adblock for YouTube 

How to add an ad blocker extension?

To use an extension in your browser you first need to search for it and then click on add button to add this in your browser.

For example if you want to add an ublock origin  ad blocker then in google search for “ ublock origin “ then open the first domain and then click on the button add this to chrome or in your browser.

Some FAQs :

How can I stop YouTube ads?

All it takes to block YouTube advertisements is to download an app or browser extension. The purpose of ad blockers is to identify and prevent advertisements. at our testing, we found that Total Adblock, Ghostery, AdGuard, and 1Blocker were all effective at removing YouTube adverts.

Is YouTube Adblock free to use?

YouTube’s Adblock improves website loading speed (without advertisements and tracking) You can use and download it for free!

Do legal adblockers exist?

The Terms of Service on YouTube do not specifically forbid ad blocking addons, which are still permissible in the US.

Is it safe to ban ads?

 Although ad blocking is usually safe, you should always select a reputable ad blocking program. Ad blockers, however, should not be used in place of anti-malware software and cannot completely shield you against viruses and malware.

Is AdBlock a data seller?

 Your information is never sold. Adblock Plus’s parent company, eyeo, even acknowledges in its privacy policy that you’re essentially invisible to them.

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