Google Workspace Tools: How You Can Use Them?

With remote work culture growing rapidly and spreading to all areas of different industries, apps have become a common way to handle daily tasks. Google Workspace is a set of applications that incorporate email, productivity software, cloud storage, calendars, and more. 

It’s a combo of different apps that empowers you to complete your work-related tasks efficiently from one single platform. Using the tools, you can collaborate with your team from anywhere and make better decisions. 

The article explains the concept of Google Workspace in detail and helps you understand how you can use these tools to be more productive. 

What is Google Workspace? An Overview 

Google Workspace, formerly called G Suite, is Google’s office suite of productivity apps that aims at making your work easier. You will get access to Google’s most popular apps including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, Calendars, Sheets, Slides, Chat, Sites, Forms, Apps Script, Keep, Jamboard, and Cloud Search. 

The security and management apps include Admin, Vault, Endpoint, and Work Insights. Moreover, the add-ons you can select from are Meet Hardware, AppSheet, and Voice. All the apps in the office productivity suite intend to simplify your work-related chores. 

Gmail is the hub of the powerful Google Workspace framework as it gives you easy access to tabs. It provides you a window from where you can view other applications including Docs, Sheets, Calendar, and Google Chat. To use these apps diligently, learn how to share Google Calendar or how to work in Google Sheets.

Google Workspace makes it possible for multiple users to discuss the same project by viewing a presentation that’s available and visible to everyone in the Google Chat Room. 

Is Google Workspace Free?

Yes, Google Workspace is free to anyone who has a Google account and it works perfectly if you’re using it for personal or small business use. However, if you’re looking for exclusive business-level functioning, you have to subscribe to paid plans. 

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner with a large team who needs to collaborate extensively, go for the Workspace Individual plan. The paid subscription will unleash advanced features like professional video meetings, smart booking services, personalized email marketing, and more.

For multinational corporations and education institutes, Google offers a variety of paid subscriptions that provides access to robust collaboration and productivity apps. These apps can transform the way you work and handle your daily operations. 

Why Should You Use Google Workspace Tools?

In today’s fast-growing landscape, the competition is tough and real too. You need to be efficient in what you are doing. Using the Workspace tools, you can handle your tasks faster and streamline your workflow. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Google Workspace whether you are a student, a business owner, or a freelancer. 

  • Collaborate with your team in real-time
  • Make decisions faster on the spot 
  • Secure your data and devices 
  • Store and share data in the Cloud
  • Resolve your queries faster  
  • Gain 24X7 access to data and resources

How to Use Google Workspace?

As mentioned above, you can use Google Workspace only if you have an account on Google. So, if you already have a Google account, you can use the Workspace to view the app available for free to everyone. Make sure to update your account settings to enable chat. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Open Gmail and click on the Settings icon
  2. Select See All Settings 
  3. Click on the Chat & Meet tab.
  4. Select Google Chat from the Chat section
  5. Tap Save Changes

In the free versions of Google Workspace, you will get access to the following apps:

  • Gmail: The hub of Google WorkSpace that allows you to use the free or paid subscription plan.
  • Chat: Workspace messaging facility where you can join group conversations in Spaces or Rooms with all other users who have Chat enabled in their Google accounts. 
  • Google Drive: Cloud drive where you can store all your documents, videos, spreadsheets, and images for any time, anywhere access. The storage space you get depends on the Workspace plan you subscribed for. 
  • Google Calendar: A tool to help you stay organized. The Calendar integrates seamlessly with your Gmail account to enable you to respond to events you are attending, Chat to help you set up meetings and conversations, and Google Drive to attach files securely. 
  • Google Docs, Slides, Sheets: A complete suite of most used office apps in one place. You get integrated access to Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets for creating and sharing work-related documents and files. 

The Conclusion

Google Workspace is a productivity framework designed for students, small businesses, enterprises, and all other consumers looking to streamline their workflow. You can use the free Workspace version to plan a family get-together or to collaborate with other students working on the same thesis. 

With the paid Workspace subscription, consumers can gain access to more advanced, business-level features that include admin and marketing tools, bigger storage, custom email domains, reporting and insights, and more.  

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