Why is one airpod louder than the other

Then maximum in all likelihood you have the not unusual AirPod owner’s problem. Personally, this comparable problem has occurred formerly for the Apple Earpods as nicely and it took a few studying and attempting out exclusive answers to peer which answers labored and which didn’t. Besides, I turned into no manner going to dish out another $50-a hundred dollars on a pair. Here in this post, I will tell you why is one airpod louder than the other

In this guide, I’ll display to you exactly how you may restoration an AirPod if it’s miles louder than the other. The answers shared cutting-edge are continually has proven high-quality remarks from our very own readers (you can undergo the remarks beneath neath), very own private trying out, Reddit, in addition to remarks from Apple’s very very own Support Communities forums. Thanks is going to all who’ve contributed to sharing their answers (I’ll be linking the OP assets down beneath neath for every solution).


One of the handiest methods for which to restoration if one in all your AirPods is louder than the order is to attempt to “suck” the largest speaker at the AirPod (which you pay attention as soft).

Keep sucking on it and trying out the sound again and again till you pay attention your AirPod’s sound gets better.

The motive for this approach has been so powerful is because of the truth the AirPods collect ear wax which reasons any outgoing sound to be blocked. Thanks additionally exit to Marie-Claude Leblanc for stating this trick withinside the Apple Support Communities thread on this topic. Here’s an excellent video on the way to do this:

Adjust the Audio Volume Balance.

In the settings of your iPhone, you’ve got got the choice to alternate the quantity of the sound this is output with both AirPod.

For a few Apple customers and our very own readers as nicely, converting this putting and making sure that the sound is balanced and now no longer decreased to a minimal has made certain that the AirPods are similarly generating the equal quantity.

Here’s the way you get right of entry to this putting to your iPhone or iPad in iOS

  • Jump into your Settings app after which faucet Accessibility.
Why is one airpod louder than the other
  • Next, beneath neath the Hearing faucet on Audio/Visual, you want to test and modify the audio quantity stability slider among the left and proper channels of your AirPods. Keep it aligned withinside the center to have an equal quantity of sound.

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